ATII training programs include:

  • ICAO/FAA based Aerodrome Training – using site specific airspace
    • Air Traffic Basics
    • Initial Tower Cab Training
    • Aerodrome Control Procedural
    • Refresher
  • ICAO/FAA based Area Control and Approach Control– using site specific airspace
    • Fundamentals of radar techniques
    • Terminal Radar Approach Control Courses
      • Advanced radar techniques
    • Refresher radar training
  • Each course normally includes the following elements:
    • Basic broad training (ICAO stipulated): the basics of air traffic control
    • Concentrated training: working a specific sector or with other controllers as a team in a large sectorized airspace
    • All lab work in conducted in a state-of-the-art simulation complex using generic airspace or site-specific airspace.