Areas of Expertise

ATSI has what it takes to respond quickly to customers’ specific needs related to airspace optimization: professional expertise, a proactive research and development plan, and a proven record.

Professional Expertise

ATSI’s professional expertise encompasses a wide range of disciplines in the highly technical field of flight safety analysis including:

  • Modeling & Monte-Carlo simulation.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Data processing automation.
  • 3D visualization.

In the highly demanding and sensitive field of airspace optimization, active investment in R&D is essential to ensure the level of customer support this critical field demands. ATSI understands this need and devotes a large portion of its earnings to R&D projects. This investment has led to the development of several of ATSI’s products.

ATSI has a significant and proven record as a leader in its field. Some of ATSI’s many successes are listed under Select Past Projects.